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Find out what federal occupational series and grades you qualify for.

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During your free consultation you will learn how to target your Federal Resume to an occupational series and grade that will match your specific skill sets and experiences. With this information on how to strategically target career relevant positions, you will be better positioned for success in your federal job search.
For specific federal vacancy announcement, this consultation will demonstrate how our Federal Career Advisors and Writers can develop a Federal Resume that incorporates all of your specialized experiences and skills that are asked for in the announcement and its associated questionnaire. Addressing this specialized experience will show federal HR officials that you are a better fit for the position than your completion.
This free consultation will show you how our Federal Career Advisors and Writers can help you craft a Federal Resume package enriched with strategic keywords that will highlight your core competencies for targeted federal positons. A resume developed in this manner will show Federal HR officials that you are indeed highly qualified for the positions you apply to and will lead to more interviews.


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These guys really showed me that I had been short changing myself on past resumes. My writer knew all the right questions to ask in order to find every good quality and accomplishment I had to offer. I found a new job with a great team and a huge raise within 4 weeks of posting my resume! Not only has this service enabled me to improve my pay and work environment it has also given me a push in the right direction. Reviewing where I had been and what I had accomplished gave me a fresh perspective on what I need to accomplish for future advancement. I have gone back to college and I am finishing the degree I started several years ago. Thank you for the guidance!
Lisa K

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